Wood Floor Sanding – Getting The Right Machines

Image of wood floor sanding

pine wood floor sanding

Wood floor sanding is very important if you would like your floor to maintain and retain its glory. Sanding should be done with the right machines and such can be hired. That way, you only pay the money for hiring the sander and then do the job yourself, rather than hire a professional who will charge a high per hour rate for the job.

Now you know that you can do the wood floor sanding job yourself, but do you know the kind of machine that you need? Of course, you cannot rent one blindly.Definitely, you can ask the guys at Bunnings what you need for your wood floor. They will gladly tell you. In fact, they will even show you how to use the machines. The machines that you will most likely need here are the sanders.

Wood floor sanding equipment for rent

Before you settle for a sanding machine, you must first determine the extent of the damage and the type of wood floor you want to sand. Sanding your floor will help restore its beauty by getting rid of the cracks, scratches and dents. But first, the right machines. These come in many sizes, types and makes. It is best to know what you need to hire.

The right floor sander for wood floor sanding

Get the drum sander and make sure that they teach you how to operate it. They should also tell you what kind of sanding belt you should use. In accompaniment, you will also need an edge sander, sometimes referred to as the orbital sander. You will also need some sandpaper and a block to hand-sand the crannies and corners. Whatever remains of the old polish after that, you can scrape it off with the paint scraper.

Orbital sander for wood floor sanding

The orbital sander is also available for rental. There is the smaller handled orbital floor sander and the larger handled orbital floor. If you have a softwood floor, you should go for the smaller handled type but if your floor is hardwood, then the larger orbital sander is what you need.

Will you need to buff the floor? Maybe, if you were doing a big job. However, when you want to do your own wood floor sanding, the most important machine is the sander. The rest of the prerequisites like polish, brushes, hammer and nail punch are easy to get at the hardware and anyway, no do-it-yourself freak lacks a few tools at home. With the right machine for the job, the work is halfway done. Of course, you could save yourself the trouble and get a professional floor sander to do the job for you!