How To Polish Floorboards

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How important is it for you to know how to polish floorboards? A wooden floor that appeals to the eyes is the desire of many homeowners. It not only enhances the interior decor of the home but it also increases the value, if you would like to put up your home for resale in future. The reflection of light by the rich tones of the wood resulting from the high sheen in combination with best patterns is irresistible. Unfortunately, the sheen dulls with time and the timber looses its glory. It is therefore necessary that you take care of the floor. Let me take you through a few steps for how to polish floorboards, which will ensure that it looks impressive.

You do not need to hire a professional floor sanding company to do this simple but very satisfying job. You just need to hire the required equipment and you will be good to go. You will need a sander, could be a drum or an edge sander, but the latter is recommended because it can access even the corners and so you do not have to crouch with a sand paper in hand.

How to polish floorboards – getting ready

The will how to polish floorboards and you have got the right quality of wax for your timber, start by removing everything on the floor including house furniture. Preferably cover everything up because a lot of dust will be created once you start sanding the floor. You also need to have the right protective clothing, gloves and dust masks for your nose.Find out whether you need any permits from the local council, water or electricity boards to do this kind of work. If not, just adopt a few rules to ensure your safety. For example, keep everything away from the reach of children.

Most people wonder where to start when they think of how to polish floorboards. They do not know whether to wax the floor without doing away with old layers of wax or not. The answer is straightforward! If you want to do a fantastic floorboard polishing, previous layers of wax must be removed to prevent the formation of streaks of different colors and textures. You can easily get wax strippers at a low cost locally. If you are doing it yourself, you should avoid using acidic liquids because they can ruin your patterns or damage the wood.

Choosing the best floor finishes

Choose the floor finish according to where you are going to apply it. For example, high gloss finishes are recommended for areas that have a perfect floor, where you would feel proud of and would want to showcase. It is not recommended for lobby and high traffic areas because it highlights all errors with the flooring.

Maybe you would like to try a matt floor finish. As its name suggests, this one will not have the oily sheen. If you would like some noticeable sheen, try the semi-gloss finish. This is what most people use.

If you are going to sand your floor, you will need to clean the wood with methylated spirits before you can start polishing. After that, you can apply the first coat of polish. Allow about 8 hours for drying. sand it lightly to get rid of any mounds that may have formed. It can be hard for you to see such with your eyes. Then apply the second coat, of course after you have cleaned off the sanding residue. Apply the second coat in the evening so that it can go overnight without being disturbed.

After waxing, burnish the floor and give it a lovely and sheeny finish. The best way to do that is to use a commercial polisher. While working on how to polish floorboards and you will get the best results ever. Your floor will be the envy of all your friends as it will be timeless, light reflecting and shiny for decades.