Floor Sanding in Melbourne – Calculate the Cost

Image of floor sanding in MelbourneHow much should you pay for your floor sanding in Melbourne? That is the question on most people’s minds when they want to give their floor a new leash of life. Well, not much, if you are a DIY enthusiast, and even if you are not, if you do your groundwork well, you will definitely get more done for less.

Of course, DIY floor sanding in Melbourne will cost much less, because you only have to consider the cost of the materials and the price for hiring the required equipment (mostly the sander).

Everything wears and tears after some time, yes, including the timber floors. But proper maintenance by sanding and polishing to maintain the wood oils can help you in keeping the floor’s impressive look as well as enhance its durability. I understand, however, that you might be worried about the sanding cost for the timber floors and how to make proper calculation to know how much it will cost.

What floor Sanding in Melbourne involves

Before you can commit your resources on floor sanding, it is necessary that you widely consult the sanding professionals to advice on sanding. This will enable you to have a rough idea on how you would like your floor sanding to be conducted. Later, the professionals will embark on the jobs by your recommendations, but will mainly involve sanding, polishing and to cap it all, they will do the staining. In Melbourne, the level of competition for market share among home maintenance companies has led to some of them providing extra educative and consultative services at no extra cost. You should visit them to learn more.

Floor Sanding Cost – what you should consider

Usually, the average cost of floor sanding in Melbourne depends on the size of your house, the total number of rooms that you would like to be polished and the extent of preparation work by the hired professionals. Additionally, you should consider the extent of damage that the floors have undergone in the recent past. In fact, a floor that has splinters and nails popping up due to lengthy periods of disrepair implies that the sander will have to use additional tools, spend more time and employ more skills. Thus, the cost will rise due to the need to involve more specialists in the task.

How much will you pay for expert floor sanding in Melbourne?

In Melbourne, almost all experts base their charges on the square area of the floor to be sanded. Depending on the expert skills, reputation, the respect they command and their competitiveness in the market, the prices charged generally range from approximately $30m2 up to the high of $80m2 – depending on the service provider and the polish required.


There – you now have an idea of what floor sanding in Melbourne would cost you. However, if you have a lot of holiday time, you can do your own sanding. Tedious, but very rewarding all the same.